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Friday, March 19, 2004


The Academic Left's Reichstag Gambit

I found the above article on Bernard Chapin's blog. These incidents really are typical of the more strident arm of the academic left.
Come to the congress

We are at a crisis point for Boys, Men, and Fathers.

It is time to stand together for what is right.

NCFM-DC is sponsoring the first National Men's Rights Congress on June 18-19, 2004. Our purpose is to bring together fair-minded men and women for two days of lobbying and learning. The first day will feature lobbying on Capital Hill, where we will address our congressional representatives on topics of men's rights. The second day we will meet at the Marriott Metro Center in Downtown Washington DC. Invited speakers include Warren Farrell, Stephen Baskerville, Glenn Sacks, Jack Kammer, and others. Join us and spend your Father's Day weekend with fair-minded men and women, who are standing up for what they know is right! Register here.

Numerous groups are doing excellent work for men and boys all over the country, and this conference will help us begin to network and stand shoulder to shoulder in this important effort. As groups check in and let us know their plans to participate, we will display their logo below along with a link. Click here for more details , costs , or to participate in discussions in our guestbook or forums.

We hope to see you at the Congress!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Posted for Autognosis
Small 'l' libertarians
Article on The Free State Project

The People are Revolting: A Guided Tour of the Second American Revolution
(the article reads to me a bit like a leftist screed against George Bush...)
Sex Differences Originate in the Brain


The author of this piece then goes on to say, "And just how academically fragile are boys? He is more likely than his sister to be diagnosed with a thought disorder, a brain disorder and a conduct disorder. He is more likely to be enrolled in special education, more likely to receive a "D" or "F" grade, more likely to drop out, and less likely to go on to college. Our schools have become feminized to a fault. Cooperative learning and other female-centered pedagogy and curricula prevail. And the biggest attention deficit disorder of all is that of educators not even acknowledging that boys, as a group, are being shortchanged academically.

It's about time someone attempted to quantify the damage feminists have done to the education system, and indeed society with their claims that sex differences are solely a result of socialization. Feminists started arguing for the changing of educational styles back in the 70's, and they have succeeded to the point where boys now do much worse overall than they did 30 years ago! Of course, girls are doing better than they did 30 years ago, but at what cost? Education should not be a zero-sum game. This is why I applaud the bush administrations initiative allowing sex-seggregated classes in the public education system (read up on that here).

Was Kobe accuser's motivation money all along?

I'm a little leary of anything coming from Celebrity Justice, but it appears team Kobe
thinks the same thing.

"[..] But now "CJ" has learned that a civil lawsuit has in fact been discussed.
Sources tell us that the accuser's lawyer has for months been working behind
the scenes in preparation for a multi-million dollar suit against Kobe."

OOPS! I did it again.
"Four in 10 mothers become pregnant by accident, according to new figures. While three-quarters want to keep their baby, one in five wishes she could turn back the clock."

All the more reason to make sure you can trust the girl you're sleeping with when she says, "I'm on the pill".

And for men who are interested in rendering themselves temporarily infertile, there is the Voegeli method:

"Voegeli's program for temporary sterilization is as follows: "A man
sits in a [shallow or testes-only] bath of 116 degrees Fahrenheit for forty-five
minutes daily for three weeks. Six months of sterility results, after which
normal fertility returns. For longer sterility, the treatment is repeated"
(Corea 1985, 179). Although some men could support temperatures up to 125
degrees, water at 116 degrees Fahrenheit was found to reliably produce at
least six months of sterility (Voegeli 1956)."

Probably best accomplished with a Jacuzzi or spa, and used in conjunction with other
Paternity fraud?

Interesting article on paternity fraud:

[..] "A surprising 25 percent to 30 percent of these tests conclude that no biological link exists, a revelation that upends society's cozy definition of fatherhood, careening into touchy matters of sex, betrayal, money, abandonment and the yearning for one's own genetic immortality.

As stunned as many of these men are to learn that they are genetic strangers to their children, they are even more startled to discover that most judges don't want to hear it. While state court rulings have varied widely, most conclude that men must continue to pay child support, no matter what their cheek cells say."

Wednesday, March 17, 2004
We locked you up in jail for 25 years and you were innocent all along? That’ll be £80,000 please

Words cannot even describe this. I'm glad I don't live in the facist UK, but I really feel for the people that do.
[..]George Bush has marked International Women's Week - by paying tribute to a man.
He told reporters at the White House: "Earlier today, the Libyan government released Fathi Jahmi.
"She's a local government official who was imprisoned in 2002 for advocating free speech and democracy."
But he got his facts muddled. Jahmi is "Definitely male," said Amnesty International's Alistair Hodgett.
Jahmi, 62 is a male civil engineer sentenced to five years in jail after speaking out for a constitution and pluralism.
Check it out

Keep it up big guy, and you will surely get another 4 years!!
The feminist definition of equality in a nutshell

Now I've heard it all!

Well the UN has once again met for the annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva. Among the more insane
things to come from this conference, is this excerpt from NZZ Online

[..] “Violence against women is unbearable and is a violation of human rights,” said Calmy-Rey. “It is rape, genital mutilation, poverty, death, psychological violence, trafficking of women and inequalities."

Did we just hear that right? Poverty is violence against women? DEATH is violence against women? Inequality is violence? War is peace! Freedom is slavery! And why oh why is it only genital mutilation of girls that is considered violence, hmmm? Continuing to misuse violence in this context will ultimately result in the definition of violence becoming meaningless.

And while we are on this subject, why do these sexists only ever decry violence against women when MEN are by far the greatest population of people subjected to violence the world over?

WHO statistics

Throughout the world there is a 2.9:1 ratio of men to women killed by intentional injury.

How about advocating for an end to violence against people instead?

Is this an example of stellar leadership or hypocrisy? You decide.

Family-values group mired in a divorce
By Sam Dealey


[..] The Christian Coalition of America (CCA), once a formidable political voice whose advocacy for traditional family values helped propel the Republican Party to power, finds itself at the center of a nasty divorce between top employees. The proceeding involves Tracy Ammons, CCA’s former Senate lobbyist and outreach coordinator, and Michele Combs, CCA vice president for communications and the daughter of CCA President Roberta Combs. Combs and Ammons were wed in December 1999, but their marriage soon disintegrated and was replaced with lawsuits, countersuits and even jail time over relatively small amounts of money that hinge on custody of their 3 1/2-year-old child.
“While the nation debates traditional marriage versus gay marriage, the president of the Christian Coalition, Roberta Combs, is encouraging and bankrolling a nasty, hardball divorce by her own daughter,” said Jonathon Moseley, an attorney for Ammons.
Moseley asserts the Combses offered to drop their civil claims against Ammons if he would give up his battle for custody of their child.

“If he would sign away his rights as a father, then they have offered to drop all claims,” said Moseley.

“I think that’s probably the thing I find most offensive about the whole thing,” he added. “It is rather traditional in divorces to go for total destruction; the divorce attorney’s instinct is to go for the jugular, and that’s unfortunate. But it’s particularly offensive in this case, when it goes against everything the Christian Coalition is promoting.” [..]

Is this in the best interests of the child? The child obviously deserves to have a father.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Hello World!
Male Circumcision



"This surgery is not necessary, and if the surgery is not therapeutic, the risk cannot be undertaken," says John Geisheker, the lawyer for the group, Doctors Against Circumcision.

Dr. Eugene Outerbridge of the Canadian Pediatric Society says a study last year, showed male circumcision exposes children to risk, with no real medical benefit.

But Outerbridge says an outright ban would violate the rights of religious minorities.

Oh, so the current ban on female circumcision doesn't do just that? Hypocrite.

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" -- George Orwell 1984

And for any feminists, women firsters, or men reading, let me assure you that the act of mutilation without consent
is not contingent upon the degree of percieved harm. There is no difference in ideology between
banning female circumcision, and the banning of infant male circumcision. Both are harmful, both are devoid of consent.

At least there is progress being made in the U.S..


Bettina Arndt writes an interesting article on the messages society conveys to men about fatherhood here . She correctly points out, "Forty-four per cent of young (18 to 34-year-old) men questioned in the 2003 Australian Social Attitudes Survey agreed that "a single parent can bring up children as well as a couple" - compared with about two-thirds (63 per cent) of same-aged women. So two in three young Australian males are likely to partner a woman who may think she can do just as good a job parenting on her own, and almost half these men don't see fathers as essential." However, I believe she was somewhat lax on the 'cause' of this social perception, namely feminism. She does shine a little pen-light on the injustices faced by men in the family court system, and for that I'm grateful. It's about time people started to notice what is happening to the family unit - to the detriment of society. With gay rights currently being hotly debated, little speculation has been posited as to whether or not 'gay marriage' or 'civil unions' would actually help bring about a balance of rights for fathers who currently get the short end of the stick in family court cases. When gay people marry, they will also divorce. This will force the judiciary and legislative branches of our governments to re-examine the imbalance within the family court system. For once, many women (lesbians) will get the royal screwing that men get, and in time this could be cause for change within family law. People don't care or recognize when millions of men routinely lose their children and get thrown in jail -- due sometimes to their indigence or loss of employment and insanely imputed child support orders in divorce, but as soon as one or two women get hurt, watch the media feed itself into a frenzy. I estimate this will happen regardless of whether gay people marry or form unions, as case law seems to suggest (in many jurisdictions common law responsibilities regarding children and support are similar to marriage responsibilities). Here is the story of two lesbians and a family maintenance case.

While somewhat premature to speculate, I direct the reader to this quote, "People say things all the time," she said. "When you're talking about a living child coming into being, there needs to be a written agreement before somebody - who has no biological relationship to the child, who doesn't adopt the child, and who is a stranger to the child - (can be held) legally responsible for that child."

WOW. Fancy that! I guess the thousands of men who are currently paying for children in the exact same situation will be effected by this judgement. Somehow I think these two fully capable, lesbian adult women would prefer to have the sperm donor pay. After all he's only a man, and they can't be held responsible for their decisions as women, can they?
Draft Women?

I'm not in favour of a draft, but IF there was a draft, I think it should apply equally regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.

New bill calls for G.I. Jane draft

With legislation requesting the reinstatement of the draft to include women,
equal rights may enter a new war zone come next year.


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