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Friday, March 26, 2004
If Men Have All the Power, How Come Women Make All the Rules?

Another free e-book that will
be of special interest to male readers, from rulymob.com. Check it out.
Breaking the Shackles -- book promotion
This is a free e-book I found over at Mensactivism.org. "For Centuries , shame was used in western culture to coerce both men and women into conformity with sex roles that were limiting at best, and frequently onerous. As women's liberation worked to free women from the shame of breaking long-encultured taboos, it became almost standard practice to blame men for the origin and maintenance of these constraints. [..] But from birth, males are also subjected to another devastating shame message. It tells men, with almost hypnotic effect, that we should feel ashamed simply because we are male. Whatever we may call this message—The Shame of Maleness (Schenk) or Basic Male Shame (Gagnon) – it places us in a Catch-22 predicament. We are shamed when we deviate from our traditional gender roles, but shamed also when we conform to these same roles. The book explores the sources of this shaming."
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Shared parenting
Interesting transcript from SBS's Inside regarding
shared parenting after divorce. [..]TONY MILLER: They certainly are. You know one of the things I'd like to see to be honest with you - I'd like to see is that we can somehow tie in that our child support payments with access and I know people don't like that, but as an enforcement to make sure that we are allowed to see our kids. At the moment, look, 98% of the guys that we see - and we saw nearly 7,000 men last year - are not getting to see their kids. They're frustrated with the system.

Dave Sim: Genius among men

Well really. Who else could have written a 6000 page epic comic book that took 26 years to finish? WITHIN THE WORLD OF comic books, Sim has achieved something unprecedented in length and focus: 6,000 pages all telling a single life story, all written and drawn by the same man. But he's not much loved for it. Somewhere along the line, Sim decided he had a mission with his story. Its theme became the evils and perfidy of feminism, in all its varieties, especially the notion that a man ought to cleave unto a woman and become one flesh. [..] Sim's representation of himself as the embattled last defender of reason and masculinity against the Marxist-feminist axis that he thinks rules the world has marginalized him, to the point that he seriously seems to expect an angry mob of feminazis to lock him up for thoughtcrime. (Well, he is Canadian, so perhaps that's not so unrealistic a notion.) Brian Doherty of The American Spectator editorializes.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Ginsburg ignores the constitution!
AIM reports

Here we have a case of a sitting Supreme Court Justice associating with a partisan political group, bashing the Bush administration, and ignoring the U.S. Constitution while citing foreign courts and rulings in making her decisions. (ed: !!!!!!) Yet the media go after Scalia for going duck-hunting with the vice-president.

She, and every other judge like her should be forced to abdicate.
Kidnap a Child? No problem! We'll give you free counselling!
Heaven forbid we actually hold her accountable and give her, uh, well you know....a DETERENT?

Traitor to freedom

This is from The Bleat blog, and he has an excellent rant against the utopian left. Ahh freedom. The freedom to be an idiot, the freedom to be a traitorous bastard. All I can say is that this guy is lucky he is hiding his face.
Monday, March 22, 2004
Gay marriage: Support where you least expect it!
[..] When contacted by this reporter for comment about the decision, a local Lawyer (who asked to remain anonymous) said simply this, "What naturally follows Gay Marriage? Duh! Gay Divorce! Gays and Lesbians have been getting together and splitting up for years, and it's about time we made some money off the process! With more lawyers passing the Bar Exam every year, the business from 'straight' divorces is getting spread pretty thin. Adding a previously untapped market of potential clients is a dream come true for all of us." -- LOL!

Biological sex differences
From the Texas A&M University
In the experiment, Alexander says, male monkeys spent more time playing with traditional male toys such as a car and a ball than did female monkeys. The female monkeys, however, spent more time playing with a doll and pot than did the males. What's more, both male and female monkeys spent about the same amount of time with "gender neutral" toys such as a picture book and a stuffed dog. The implication is that what makes a "girl toy" and what makes a "boy toy" isn't just human society or stereotypes but rather something innate that draws boys and girls to different types of toys, she explains. Alexander believes her findings suggests that there are certain aspects of objects that appeal to the specific sexes and that these aspects may relate to traditional male and female functions dating back to the dawn of the species.

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