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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
'Spin Sisters' Reveals How Media Sell Misery to Women

Paige McKenzie from NewsMax.com reports on Myrna Blyth's (cough, cough,) stunning revelation: women's media promotes victimism for political ends. Now to those of us in the know, this isn't news. Mostly these portrayals on Oxygen etc. show men in a very bad light indeed! They are shown as abusers, scoundrels, and rapists. Rarely does ANY media portray men in a positive light anymore. The net result is the psychopoliticalization of women for politically expedient totalitarian ends. If you are not in the know, take a gander at what one of the top executives in the field thinks.

The networks began to mimic the magazines, writes Blyth, with “hyped-up stories of murder and mayhem, usually at the hands of abusive husbands or boyfriends, evil corporations, or incompetent doctors. It could be you!”
Television executive and "20/20" creator Av Westin, which helped pioneer many news magazine shows, told Blyth: “We started every story with a victim. That’s what we said. We need a victim. Find me the victim.”

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