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Thursday, May 27, 2004
Wage Gap Myth Still a Big Lie

Link to Pacific Research story

Vol. , No. 7 May 20, 2004
The 76-cent figure is meaningless because women's earnings reflect lifestyle
choices that are different than those of men. High-salaried, intelligent
women are choosing to spend time at home with their families. And that time
at home is, of course, reflected in earnings.

A study on salary differences between men and women should focus not on
census data, as with this report. It should examine pay levels for the same
job and with the same number of continuous years in the workforce. When that
information is analyzed, as this column has often pointed out, there is very
little difference between men and women. But facts count for little with
proponents of this study. [..]

That is why, in a free society, statistical disparities are the rule, not
the exception. The ideology behind this study assumes that in every area of
life, especially the workplace, women and minorities must be represented
according to their percentage in the population. Such proportionality is not
found in the Constitution but such realities count for little with those who
see discrimination everywhere...[..]

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
A Real Transformer??

More info on this interesting "project" (complete with videos!)

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