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Saturday, June 12, 2004
First Law of Thermodynamics is Misogynist

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The Propaganda Organization for Women (POW) physics department today
anounced the acceptance of a grant from the federal government for the study
of hate speech contained within the First Law of Thermodynamics. "We're
concerned that the law as it stands is really just a cover for the rampant
misogyny contained therein", said Ms. Andrist, spokeswomyn for POW.

Ms. Andrist went on to say that the law claims that 'something can neither
be created nor destroyed'. "We understand this premise to be misogynist
hate speech because of how it could apply to abortion rights. If a fetus
can't be created than obviously it can't be destroyed, and that's a problem
for us. We support a woman's right to create and destroy. Conversely, we
support a woman's right not to have to hear male defined definitions of
creation and destruction. We really need to examine the hate speech in
these laws so that they can be written to apply to everyone more equally."

Ms. Andrist also said that female students had trouble with the harsh
language used in the law. "Using words like 'destruction' is really just
verbal rape and sexual harrassment of women. We all know that this is
simply a male term designed to oppress women. We'd like to see the law
re-written to include concepts of equity and fairness. In all truth, the
law should be re-written to say that 'womenhood cannot be made or unmade'.

The conclusion of the report will be given to academic officials, so that
the revised law can be included in sweeping syllabus changes throughout
women's studies departments nationally. "We feel that this new focus will
allow women to learn in an environment that is tailored to their greater
needs", said Ms. Andrist. "There is currently far too much emphasis on
linear male modes of thought, when what we should really be learning is how
to be the women we are".

Eventually, POW hope the changes will be introduced at a national level.
"Science is a field that doesn't have enough women, and we feel changing
these laws will encourage women into the field", claims Ms. Andrist.

When asked about the decline of men enrolling at universities, Ms. Andrist
said that this will affect the 'ability' of women to get an education.
"Obviously if men aren't going into university, then less of them will be
able to afford a university education for their daughters. To fix this we
are asking the government, in the name of fairness, to give women free
university education. "

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